New Year, New Studio

I am happy to report that I’ve officially moved my studio to 59 Wareham St in the South End of Boston. The new place is in an 1840’s warehouse. It required a lot of demo, including removing a wall. I attempted to level out the floors a bit, since this old buildings is a far cry from plum, level, and square. Because I am a very, very messy painter I’ve learned to tarp anything that may be in my path. There are no exposed floors. Below are some pictures of the process. I did an open studio event this past weekend, and it’s very nice to be settled and back to work!

This feels like an auspicious move for me. As many people know, both of my parents have died in the past 4 years. It’s been a little over a year since my Mom died, and I am slowly figuring out what I want my life to be like now. I worked through a lot of grief in the old space. I had four solo shows and several group shows while I was going through this period. I painted and cried and cried and painted. I sometimes wished I could just take leave of my work altogether as the process of painting insists that I confront myself without the comfort of barriers and distractions. I had a lot of 8 hour days staring into a proverbial mirror. So often people say that painting is cathartic and healing, and there are certainly times that it can be, ideally it is, ideally it joyous! , but having to meet deadlines and paint when I was already oversaturated with sorrow often proved to be excruciating. I felt like a raw , exposed nerve almost all of the time. The old space will always remind me of these sad years. Moving doesn’t repair the hole in my life, but getting a fresh clean start this year in a new place feels like the right thing for me. I’m excited to begin fresh and am grateful to be where I am. I’m posting video of the new space to my instagram, if one is curious. Happy New Year!