School of the Museum of Fine Art, Boston, MA, Diploma and 5th Year Certificate, 1992/93                                                                    Tufts University, Medford, MA, Bachelor of Fine Arts in Painting, Minor in Literature ,  1993                                                                   New York University, New York, NY and Venice, Italy, Masters in Painting,  2001

Selected Solo Shows

Brigid Watson, at the American Embassy in the Republic of Guinea, West Africa , 2019 At foot of the mountain, thunder, Hidell Brooks Gallery, Charlotte, NC, 2019    Present Moment, Beautiful Moment, Hidell Brooks Gallery, Charlotte, NC, 2016
Sing Me a Song, four elevengallery, Provincetown , MA, 2016
Springtide, Hallspace, Boston, MA, 2016
Difficult Loves, four eleven gallery, Provincetown, MA, 2015
Blue, four eleven gallery, Provincetown, MA, 2014
Materia Prima, HallSpace, Boston, MA, 2013
Traveler, Unison Gallery, New Paltz, NY, 2012
Ba Gua, Mobius, Boston, MA, 2012
Brigid Watson, CharKol Gallery, Singapore, Singapore, 2010
The Ground Beneath Her Feet, tinku gallery, Toronto, Canada, 2009

Selected Group Shows

 20th Anniversary Show, Hidell Brooks Gallery, Charlotte, NC,   2018                                                                                           Artists Choose Artists, First Street Gallery, New York, NY, 2016  Excessivist Initiative, La Artcore, LA, CA, 2016                             The Drawing Project II, Hallspace, Boston , MA , 2015                  Gallery Artists Show, four eleven gallery, Provincetown, MA, 2015                                                                                               The Drawing Project, Hallspace, Boston, MA, 2014                     40 x 40, four eleven studio, Provincetown, MA, 2013                  Form and Content, four eleven gallery, Provincetown, MA, 2013   The New England Collective III, Galatea Fine Art, Boston, MA, 2012                                                                                                The Big Draw, Dia Beacon, Beacon, NY, 2011                          Chain Letter, Samson Projects, Boston, MA, 2011                       Boston Now, Office of the Mayor, City of Boston, MA, 2010           The Art of Travel, tinku gallery, Toronto, Canada, 2009                   The New Conceptual, CharlKol Gallery, Singapore, Singapore, 2008                                                                                    Chinoiseri: and other Follies, Hunter College, New York, New York, 2008                                                                                  Group Show of tinku artists, tinku gallery, Toronto, Canada, 2008                                                                                          Stuck: The Influence of Collage on 21st Century Artists, Molloy College, Long Island, NY, 2006                                               Blogged, Collaborative installation with Peng-Ean Khoo, Gone Fishing, Singapore, Singapore, 2004                                        Chiro/ Scuro, (Traveling exhibition), Brescia, Italy, St. Paul de Vence, France, 2000-2001

Grants and Awards  

Singapore Arts Council, Singapore, Singapore: Grant, 2004        Robert Rauschenberg/Change, Inc. Captiva, FL: Grant, 2003 Artists Fellowship, New York, NY: Grant, 2003                         Clara Scrampelli Purchase Prize, Brescia, Italy, 2001

Guest Artist

Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, Boston, MA. 2014.
WBGH, Boston , MA. Digital Mural Artist, June, 2014.


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Statement “The poetry of the earth is never dead.” John Keats

Artists since the times of Chauvet and Lascaux have reflected upon their environments and made work about what they saw and experienced. This is a continuous theme throughout art history. Some of these artists painted literal landscapes, while other artists such as myself make art about the environment in broader terms. My work often interprets the natural world and my experience in it. I maintain that now even more than ever, it is crucial for people to reflect upon their surroundings. Scientists and politicians voice their opinions about the environment everyday. It is my job too, to observe and express my point of view.

The physical qualities of the elements intrigue me, but while I am cognisant of the the forms waves take as I walk along the coast near my home, I am equally aware of the smell of the sea and the sounds the ocean make. As I take my tenth or ten hundredth step along the same path, I am aware too of the how the water erases time. As I walk in the sand today,  I maybe reliving childhood wonder. Memory jousts with the present, and all of my colliding experiences cohabitate in painting. The present moment is inexorably entangled with the past and reduces us to our basic selves.

My challenge is to distill the electricity of a lightning storm and the 90 degree, 100 percent humidity of the air in August and articulate it with color and marks.  My truest goal has always been to paint the quality of the air. The weather is never banal.