Brigid Watson          

Education 2001   Masters in Painting,Venice Program, Venice, Italy and New York University, New York, NY            1994   5th Year Diploma, School of the Museum of Fine Art, Boston,MA               1993   Bachelor of Fine Arts in Painting, Literature Minor, Tufts University, Medford, MA                        1993   4 year Diploma, School of the Museum of Fine Art, Boston

Selected Solo Shows   2019 US State Department Art in Embassies, American Consulate , Conakry, Guinea, West Africa   2019   Garden Path Tribute, Hidell Brooks Gallery, Charlotte , NC                  2016   Present Moment, Beautiful Moment, Hidell Brooks Gallery, Charlotte, NC
2016.  Sing Me a Song, Four Eleven Gallery, Provincetown , MA                        2016   Springtide, Hallspace, Boston, MA
2015   Difficult Loves, Four Eleven Gallery, Provincetown, MA                        2014   Blue, Four Eleven Gallery, Provincetown, MA
2013   Materia Prima, HallSpace, Boston, MA
2012   Traveler, Unison Gallery, New Paltz, NY
2012   The Ground Beneath Her Feet, Tinku gallery, Toronto, Canada

Selected Group Shows    2019   Exhibition, United States State Department, United States Embassy, The Republic of Guinea, West Africa 2018   20th Anniversary Exhibit, Hidell Brooks Gallery, Charlotte, NC                   2016   Artists Choose Artists, First Street Gallery, New York, NY                                2016   Excessivist Initiative, La Artcore, LA, CA                                                       2012   The New England Collective III, Galatea Fine Art, Boston                           2011   The Big Draw, Dia Beacon, Beacon, NY                                                2011   Chain Letter, Samson Projects, Boston, MA                                               2009   The Art of Travel, Tinku gallery, Toronto, Canada                                       2008   Chinoiseri: and other Follies, Hunter College, New York, New York        2006   Stuck: The Influence of Collage on 21st Century Artists, Molloy College, Long Island, NY  

Guest Artist 2014   Polly Thayer Starr Guest Artist, Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, Boston , MA   

Gallery Affiliation 2016 -present   Hidell Brooks Gallery, Charlotte , NC   

Grants and Awards                                    2004   Singapore Arts Council, Singapore, Singapore: Grant                 2003   Robert Rauschenberg/Change, Inc. Captiva, FL: 2003   Artists Fellowship, New York, NY: Grant,  2003   Scrampelli Purchase Prize, Brescia, Italy, 2001   

Publication 2016   Mack, Laura; Hernandez, Hector; and Chemeketa Art Faculty, "Art for Everyone"  (textbook. My work is used as an example of “impasto”)

Helen A. Harrison, “Art Review; From the Obscure to the Unglued”, “The New York Times”, 2006,http://query.nytimes.com/gst/fullpage.html?res=9F00E2DA1030F93AA35757C0A9609C8B63

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